How to Work with Git Version Control - Part 1

This multipart article series will provide some of the most useful and basic Git commands real life examples. After going through these article series we will be able to initialize git repository, create branches and commit our changes to a git repository. Along the way, we will also learn how to contribute to open source projects and gain knowledge of git workflow to work in an organization with other developers. [More]

How to Create New Git Repository and Add Project to Repository

GitHub is a version control application. Lots of open source projects are available on GitHub in all kind of programming platforms. Versioning can be used not only for development projects but any type of document repository can be created and used for version control. This is a good way to maintain history and sharing of documents online. Individual as well as, organizations can create accounts on GitHub. You can create free or paid account on GitHub. If you create a free account, then you can not create private repositories and your repositories can be viewed by any registered GitHub user. Free account is not suitable if you want to upload some confidential information in your repository. Also do not include configuration and setting files with production database connection strings, passwords and other confidential information if your repository is public. Maintain all the exclusion in .gitignore file. In this article, I will explain how to create new Git repository for Visual Studio Solution. [More]